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        • Product Name:Pine?Cat?Litter
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        Product Details

        Wood cat litter is made by natural material. Use of fresh pine smell of natural decomposition of great features, made of high temperature and high pressure sterilization, It’s 3 times of absorbing water than other types of cat litter, It can rapidly absorb the moisture of pet faeces. Keep the home clean.

        The important it will not pollute the environment.

        . Natural pine fragrance, deodorant fast, strong water absorption.

        . Without adding any chemicals, Safety in use, easy to clean.
        . Long-haired cats are not adhesion, difficult to create dirt.

        . Effective and lasting  moisture and odor absorption, keep litter box dry.
        . Wood can emit bursts of fragrance , eliminate the  indecent odor of excrement

        . [Usage]
        Put wood cat litter into 2.5cm (7 lbs about half a pack) in the cat litter pot.
        Wood cat litter can absorb moisture, decomposition of urine odor
        When the cat litter into a powdery sand, wedge solid waste, rocked the litter box, so that particles remain in the top right.
        About 1 ~ 2 weeks wash litter box once, the powder can be used as fertilizer flowers.

        Packing : The popular packages are 7lbs,10lbs,4kg

        Packing and size may be customized per your specific requirements.

        Main: silica gel cat litter, silica gel desiccant products, welcome customers to buy.
        Company Website:www.fenilconic.com   E-mail:zhangar@163.com   Tel:+86-535-8237788