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        • Price:¥0
        • Product Name:Non?–Cobalt?Blue?silica?gel
        • Product No.:5209134413
        • Category:Silica gel indicator
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        Product Details

        Classification:Non cobalt Blue indicating silica gel、 blue silica gel and Color-changing silica gel are classified as spherical particle and granular particle.
        Color-showing when humidity adsorbed:from blue to red.
        Specification: there are various specifications from 0.5mm to 8mm for granular or spherical blue indicating silica gel,different specification can be processed according to customer’s different request.
        Use: Mainly used for absorbing moisture, anti-rusting of instruments, gauges and equipment in the enclosed conditions, After absorbing moisture, it turns from blue to red, visually indicating the relative humidity of the given environments.
        Packing:25kg/composite bag, 25kg/cardboard carton



        Adsorption Capacity

        Non Cobalt Blue silica gel



        RH 50% >=18%

        RH 80% >= 28 %


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